Use of Smartphone or Tablet Technology to Your Kids

Use of Smartphone or Tablet Technology to Your Kids

Keep your smartphone or tablet away from children? is it wrong or right? The phone stopped being a mere device for phone calls, and a good part of our day passes by. Work on personal blogs, chats, calendars, social networking, photos, games and even online payments. This means that often we spend far too much time in front of the screen mesmerized, even at times with the children.

Did you know that the average user watches about 100 times a day your phone? In fact, just think of a day in family to see that these “guests” are invading intimate moments with our children as a conversation, a game or a meal. Here we share five tips to try to moderate the use of technology and make the most of family time.

Guideline for your routines. Do not look for too many hours the phone can generate more anxiety than good. If you need to look at is not urgent, rate moments of connection every two or three hours can be a good parameter. Although each case is unique, it is important that you realize when you look at your phone or computer just by looking, or because it has become habit you against those moments that really accurate. Calling from mobile. A good idea is to tell children and other family members that function as “inspectors”. If you feel a “techno-dependent ‘Tell them. What if they see you interacting much with the devices are the first to help. If you dare to do it seeks to meet its “challenges”.

Be sacred and special moments, like little rituals accomplices. A good idea is to make explicit and the rest of the family know you’re leaving everything to be 100% with them. For example it can be to go to school and look at family meal times. Do not despair you see whole families looking at their screens while they eat?

There will be many times, especially if you work from home, when you simply have no choice but to address issues that go through your computer or phone. It is convenient to explain the situation to the child and mark a beginning and a clear end. For example: “Mom should attend this call and answer a few emails and within 30 minutes, when finished, will be with you.” It’s important to fulfill those little promises to generate healthy habits.

Share the digital game. For children it is their land par excellence. Sure more than once you decide just playing some casual games like Candy Crush. Seize the moment and share it with young experts.

Initially adopting these habits can create tension and frustration as they fail in some trials, but the reward, full time and quality with your kids, well. Is it hard to leave the technology to be with your children? What other tips can you think from your experience about these tips?